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Reynella Neighbourhood Centre (RNC) is a non-profit organisation run by a volunteer Board of Management and supported by over 80 volunteers. The Centre responds to community needs through supporting the provision of services, program and activities in a caring, support and inclusive environment.

RNC encourages self-development and personal growth through involvement. Most importantly, the Centre values the contribution of everyone's knowledge, skills and abilities.


Old Reynella, Metropolitan Suburb of Adelaide

Old Reynella is bounded by the Reynella By-Pass Road (Main South Road) in the north and west. Panatalinga Road in the east and Pimpala Road in the South. Old Reynella is named afer John Reynell, an early landholder in the area.

The township of Old Reynella was established in 1854. It was home to Hardy's Reynella Winery and was reputed to be the birthplace of the SA wine industry. There are still vineyards in use today.

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