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Reynella Neighbourhood Centre Inc. has a vision to be a place for the community to:

  • meet friendly people
  • value and respect each other’s contribution
  • recognise strengths and differences in individuals
  • provide opportunities for life-long learning, growth and fun.


Reynella Neighbourhood Centre Inc. will work to provide resources and services which respond to community need and promote the wellbeing of individuals, families and groups.

We will respond to the needs of the community by:

  • establishing and supporting groups and activities focusing on social interaction, community development, recreation, sport, health, fitness and fun.
  • providing accessible and diverse life-long learning opportunities to all ages through quality programs and activities.
  • providing a broad range of opportunities to local people for volunteer participation and growth in managing and operating a community organisation or group, thereby encouraging and promoting community and civic pride.
  • addressing social injustice through advocacy, lobbying, social action and support.
  • providing a pleasant and welcoming environment for staff, volunteers and all community members


Current Constitution (2015)

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES  Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Continue to review and up-date Risk Management Strategy, Policies and Procedures to meet legislative and regulatory requirements and include National Volunteer Standards into infrastructure whilst implementing a more corporate model of operation.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2017


Policy – Finance

Policy – Governance

Policy – People and Culture

Policy – Quality Management

Policy – Risk and Audit

Policy – Work Health & Safety

Board of Management Minutes 

BOM Minutes 27 September, 2017

BOM Minutes 27 October, 2017

BOM Minutes 24 November, 2017

BOM Minutes 2 February, 2018

BOM Minutes 23 February, 2018

BOM Minutes 22 March, 2018

BOM Minutes 23 April, 2018

Service Provision

Research latest statistical data of local area, seek consumer feedback and consultation to provided information needed to review and develop our services and programs to meet the needs of our community with a focus on life-long learning, the promotion of health, fitness, well-being and the development of personal and professional skills. Maintain and up-date information and referral systems.

Grants and Funding

Continue to monitor adherence to Funding and Service Agreements, prepare and monitor budget and finances, research additional funding sources and opportunities to establish social enterprise/s and financial viability of services and programs.


Marketing and Promotion

Review current marketing strategies towards more ‘edgy’ marketing, update and maintain website and Facebook sites, develop and maintain relationships with local networks, partnerships and businesses and elected members.


Community Development, Partnerships and Networking

Local and regional service networks, industry forums, local consultations and support groups continue to be part of our needs assessment and community consultation processes as these are important avenues for dissemination of information, building partnerships and maintaining up-to-date knowledge of services within the region.



Continual review, re-assessment and development of our internal processes, including policies and procedures to ensure our operations are conducted on an efficient, business-like and professional basis. Equipment will be up-dated, maintained or replaced as required, our on-going repairs and maintenance schedule will continue as this aligns to our Risk management Plan and will ensure Work Health Safety requirements are met. We will continually review and seek opportunities to reduce costs and work towards environmental sustainability.


Human Resources

Professional development opportunities, internally and externally, will be offered to staff, board of management members and other volunteers. Staff annual Performance Reviews and Appraisals will continue and self-appraisals will be implemented for volunteers to support them in their skills development. Work experience, student work placements and volunteering opportunities will be identified through our contacts with schools, job placement organisations, TAFE, council and other key stakeholders. Research feasibility, funding options and budget for additional hours for the Centre Support Officer and implement staff and volunteer succession plans.



Research and review strategic role of the Board and implement an Operational Sub-Committee for day to day running of the Centre.


Future Projects

  • Research demographic of area
  • Seek opportunities to outreach services and programs
  • Investigate feasibility for building extension to include social enterprise and training opportunity

Organisation Structure

Org Strucure 2017 Final

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